our Recipe & travel INDEX

Welcome to our food and travel index, a blend of my southern charm and love for exploring diverse flavors and places. Here, you’ll discover not only southern comfort foods like shrimp and grits but also unique dishes inspired by the northwest, such as wild mushroom soup. But it’s not just about food; this index also highlights the vibrant areas, scenic landscapes, and local travel spots that make each location special. So, let your taste buds and wanderlust lead the way. Happy travels and bon appétit!



a baked bundt cake on a cake stand
Box Mix Simple Rum Glazed Bundt Cake with Pecans
A decorative plate with a slice of cranberry tart on it
The Best Gluten-Free Dessert to serve for the Holidays: Cranberry Curd Tart
Late Summer Peach Pie
Easy Box Mix Banana Snack Cake with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting