Party food

Party Spinach Dip…with a kick

I know what you’re thinking… Spinach Dip? Is she going to make a jello salad next? Maybe- don’t be judgy. My updated version of the classic “Vegetable soup mix” dip adds a punch of flavor by adding 2 heaping teaspoons of fresh horseradish and three spices including a bit of […]

The Basics: Homemade Pita Chips

One of my biggest pet peeves is opening a very expensive bag of store bought pita chips and finding half the bag is filled with broken pieces of chips. Ugh! Anyone else? Store bought pita chips are expensive and you are stuck with whatever flavors are in stock. Baking your […]

Friday Cocktail Hour:The Classic Mint Julep

The Derby is back- in all it’s springtime glory: the horses, the hats and the juleps. Back in the day, Hunky Hubbie and I threw fantastic Kentucky Derby parties. We served our guests creamy mac and cheese, fried chicken from Queenie Bee’s in Orlando, pimento cheese appetiziers. Try out my […]

Augusta National Azalea Cocktail: Friday Cocktail Hour

Augusta National- The Masters! Who can remember watching Tiger Woods win his first Green jacket? Or Phil Mickelson’s 20 footer on 18 to win his first major, or Bubba Watson’s incredible shot out of the trees and his tearful green jacket ceremony or Tiger’s come from behind win in 2019. […]

Bourbon Maple Pecan Bars

My Masters Brunch Menu wouldn’t be complete without a sweet treat featuring fresh Georgia pecans. The two most popular things you can do with the nuts, of course, bake them in a pie or make cookies. Let’s do one better and do both. Pecan Bars. I searched for a pecan […]