Main course

Vegan BBQ Sloppy Joe’s –

I know what you’re thinking- Vegan Sloppy Joe’s- NO thank you. Stay with me folks… This mouth watering hot vegetable mixture is so packed full of yummy ingredients that you will not believe its not a big BBQ sandwich you’re devouring. Vegan really just means – no animal products. Nothing […]

Butternut Squash & Spinach Lasagna

We’ve all been indugling these past few weeks and now its time to lighten up the diet- a bit. Taking small steps is the best way to insure success. Just remove one of two things from your diet each week until you have a new healthy habit in place. Eating […]

Mushroom Spinach Stuffed Shells

Baby, it’s cold outside… and what could be better to warm you up than pasta – especially in the frosty winter out here in Montana. These hearty stuffed shells are the perfect dinner for when you want something warm, creamy and filling, but not too heavy. This version is vegetarian, […]

Meggen’s Seafood Chowder

The weather here in Florida is finally cooling off. I am ready to make soup. We have an abundance of incredible seafood here in the Sunshine State. I created this recipe so I could enjoy fish, but also have that comfort packed chowder I crave. While my clam chowder recipe […]

Braised Country Style Ribs with Potatoes

Welcome to September. The fall baking and cooking season is upon us. What could be more comfortaing in the cooler months than a big pot of ribs and potatoes with a silky gravy? This recipe os so easy- just brown the ribs in a little oil, chop up some onion […]

Southern Slow Cooker BBQ Pork with Slatherin’ Sauce

Sigh, Summer is slowly coming to an end. But, with the end of Summer come the traditions we love about the Fall: Labor Day Weekend, Pumpin Spice and College Football! Even though football is going to be VERY different from years passed, we can still cook up a tailgate worthy […]