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Southern Cornbread Stuffing

There are no shortcuts with this recipe. None. That being said- it is a very simple recipe- no oysters or ground chestnuts. Just simple ingredients that make a huge impact with their flavors. Bake the cornbread from scratch- use my recipe here. While still warm, crumble the cornbread in a […]

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Pecans and Squash

I love Thanksgiving. The food. The family. The Football. This year I am adding several new vegetables to my table. This dish is everything you are craving right now- Crispy Brussel sprouts, sweet squashes, and pecans all tossed in a smoky maple dressing. You can prep all the veggies the […]

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Banana Pots De Créme

I adore banana pudding. I used to make bowls of this creamy treat when my children were in rowing and we had pot luck suppers at our house before regattas. Now that my children are adults, I love serving grown up versions of their favorite childhood desserts. This banana infused […]

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Meggen’s Seafood Chowder

The weather here in Florida is finally cooling off. I am ready to make soup. We have an abundance of incredible seafood here in the Sunshine State. I created this recipe so I could enjoy fish, but also have that comfort packed chowder I crave. While my clam chowder recipe […]

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Classic French Onion Soup

Classic French Onion Soup provides comfort in the cold months.

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Pumpkin Créme Caramel

During the holidays everyone expects a spectaular dessert after a big meal. But sometimes a heavy dessert seems like too much. I love smaller “show stopper” desserts that have a little portion control element. This pumpkin créme caramel is the perfect finish to one of thsoe heavy meals. It’s light […]

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“Salisbury Steak” Turkey Burgers with Mushroom Sauce

Back in the day, when my girls were younger, I was always looking for lightening fast but healthy dinners to get on the table. Inevitably, I turned to the reliable boneless, skinless chicken breasts time and time again becuase I had one child who only ate chicken. But, the others […]

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Masala Chai Latte

Spiced chai has become my warm beverage of choice these days. Ever since I’ve returned from Montana, I have yet to find a coffee house that makes a really good chai that is robust and filled with warm spices. Many local shop use a boxed chai mix that is loaded […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour- Apple Cider Sangria

Fall is here and that means apple cider, cinnamon, pears and baking all weekend. Here is a fresh and flavorful cocktail that you can make tonight and enjoy all weekend. We add crisp white wine, vodka and apple cider to a mountain of fall fruits like pears and pomegranates. SO […]

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Citrus Marinated Olives

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I love to give food gifts that are homemade. There is nothing as thoughtful as a gift that is made by hand for the special people in your life. This year, I want to make something that is not only beautiful, but healthy as well. […]

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Key Lime Tiramisu

Key Lime Pie is easily my favorite dessert. I will pass on chocolate anyday over Key Lime. My native Florida roots are showing. For this recipe, I wanted several things- a no bake/ make ahead dessert, key limes, but light, tart, sour and sweet. Yikes! That’s a big bill to […]

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Tzatiki- The simple sauce that elevates everything

Got a cucumber and some greek yogurt in the fridge? Then you have the base for a creamy, fresh and bright dip/sauce/dressing that elevates every meal. This is THE best recipe for Tzatiki. It is really thick and creamy. Actually, I use Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt– it is really thick and […]

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Rustic Apple Pie

My secret is out- I am not the best at creating a gorgeous pie crust. But… I do make an incredibly delicious pie crust. It is buttery, flakey, and with a pile of spiced apples baked inside, you won’t care what it looks like. This apple pie uses Honeycrisp and […]


Pumpkin-Rum Spiced Latte

Happy Friday Everyone. In keeping with my Pumpkin Spice theme for the week, I’m making a rum spiked pumpkin spice latte- yep- another boozy coffee drink. But this one is hot, filled with pumpkin and RUM! Take a pot of steaming hot coffee, add in dark rum, whipping cream or […]

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Pumpkin French Toast Strata

As far as entertaining goes, one of my favorite parties to host is brunch. You can set everything up the night before, no fussing with appetizers, everyone is more relaxed and food for brunch is typically so simple to prepare. One of my favorite things to make is either an […]

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Spiced Pumpkin Bread with Streusel Topping

Welcome to a week of Fall breads. Today I am re-visiting a pumpkin bread I have made for years from Sara Foster’s “The Foster’s Market Cookbook” . Sara’s cookbook is one of my absolute favorites. It is full of homestyle cooking that is never intimidating. Her dishes that are simple […]

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Boozy Celtic Coffee

Hunky Hubbie and I LOVE Bailey’s on ice after dinner. It is my favorite dessert. I rather have a dram of Bailey’s than almost any dessert other than Key Lime Pie. This summer I wanted to create a little after dinner dessert cocktail that had a touch of coffee, a […]

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Braised Country Style Ribs with Potatoes

Welcome to September. The fall baking and cooking season is upon us. What could be more comfortaing in the cooler months than a big pot of ribs and potatoes with a silky gravy? This recipe os so easy- just brown the ribs in a little oil, chop up some onion […]

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Lemon Poppyseed Wedding Cake

My daughter, Elizabeth was married this summer. It was a perfect day. The bride was beautiful. The groom was smiling. The parents were tearful. But… their spectacular day that we had planned for almost a year and a half was somewhat altered. The 120+ guests at a local ranch, strings […]


Friday Cocktail Hour-Classic Whiskey Sour

This summery cocktail is bright and lemony and so simple to prepare. Keep that cocktail shaker out for the weekend. You’ll want to make a big batch of these. Use any whiskey, save your good bourbon for another time, fresh lemon juice, a dash of bitters, simple syrup and frothy […]

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Southern Slow Cooker BBQ Pork with Slatherin’ Sauce

Sigh, Summer is slowly coming to an end. But, with the end of Summer come the traditions we love about the Fall: Labor Day Weekend, Pumpin Spice and College Football! Even though football is going to be VERY different from years passed, we can still cook up a tailgate worthy […]

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Trout en Croute- Fish Baked in Puff Pastry with Homemade Pesto

I love baking with puff pastry. It instantly elevates anythig from a humble chicken breast to a simple piece of fruit. Wrap something in puff pastry and even the most finicky eater will like it. Be it Beef Wellington (which I did make from scratch one year- took me four […]

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Crazy Healthy Green Goddess Dressing

You wouldn’t know it to look at it, but my green Goddess Dressing is so healthy, you’ll want to start slathering it on everything you eat. I use Italian Flat Leaf Parsley as my base, add in Greek yogurt (no mayonaise or sour cream), avocado and fresh lemon juice. Sprinkle […]

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Friday Mocktail Hour – Cucumber Melon Aqua Fresca

Welcome to the final day of Vegetarian Week. I thought instead of a boozy send off, I would make something full of yummy, but very healthy things. Melons are in season right now and what could be more refreshing than a beautiful honeydew with cucumber, ginger and fresh, tangy lime […]

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Lentil & Feta Stuffed Peppers

When researching what to put in these peppers, I could not belive the high calorie and cholesterol filled cheesy, beefy, greasy recipes out there. How did we turn these vitamin rich pockets of yumminess into vessels laden with fat and starches? So I completely remade the recipes and instead of […]

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Pomme Dauphinoise- Scalloped Potatoes

I know what your thinking- Potatoes smothered in heavy cream and cheese is not exactly a vegetarian dish. Well, you’re right, but it is National Potato Day and I could not resist posting this dreamy, creamy dish I made during quarentine. I saw Chef Josh Emett make this one day […]

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Quinoa & Roasted Vegetables with Caramelized Lemon Vinegrette

Welcome to Day 2 of Vegetarian Week. Today I am sharing with you a bright, beautiful quinoa-salad bowl packed with nutritious “Super Food” vegetables. This bowl has roasted sweet potatoes, swiss chard, peppers, broccoli, dates, roasted pepitas (pumpkins seeds) and fluffy quinoa. I made a vinaigrette of lemon cooked in […]

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Summer Vegetable Quiche

Welcome to Vegetarian Week. My newly married daughter, Elizabeth, challenged me to create a series of vegetarian recipes that would be simple, cost effective and healthy. So I bring you- Vegetarian Week. My first recipe is a zucchini, mushroom, spianch and pepper quiche. I just picked up seasonal veggies from […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour-Frosé-Two Ways: Minty Peach or Cherry

Welcome to Friday Cocktail Hour. Today I give you two cocktails for the price of one. Frosé or rather- frozen Rosé wine- mixed with either mint infused simple syrup and frozen peaches or cherries. It is late summer here in the Northwest so the cherry version is my personal favorite. […]

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Rhubarb-Ginger Trifle

First of all, do not be intimidated by the long list of ingredients or cooking instructions. This trifle is relatively simple to pull together and is perfect for a make ahead show stopper dessert. The jam filling takes about 5 minutes to cook in a sauce pan. It is very […]

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Simple Mixed Berry Shortcake

Summer is all about produce and what says “Summer” more than a basket of fresh picked berries? I adore strawberry shortcake and recently made this dessert for my father. Next to Key Lime Pie, this is his favorite treat. First, whip up some heavy cream with a dash of vanilla […]

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The Hermitage Hotel-Nashville

Nashville is one of those iconic southern cities that has absolutley everything- incredible food scene, professional sports, historical sites, one of the nation’s leading colleges and lest we forget- The Music. When you walk around downtown, there is music piped in by speakers near all the cross walks. This is […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour- The Pink Lady

She’s frothy, flirty and fun! The Pink Lady- just like your grandmother used to drink at the Club with her bridge group. The glamourous cocktail is so much fun to have on your dressing table before you head out for a night on the town ( remember when we could […]

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Stuffed Picnic Boule

Hunky Hubbie and I love to hike to our favorite “secret spot” in “Location NOT disclosed” and have a picnic. Over the years, we have shared our spot with many friends and family. There is a beautiful lake, driftwood logs that can be used as seating or a makeshift picnic […]

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The Ultimate Banana Bread

Follwers of my website know I am a big fan of America’s Test Kitchen. I love their inovation, testing and fantastic recipes. They often take something simple and give it a much needed boost. That is the case with this banana bread. Who here hasn’t baked a few loaves during […]

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Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta

My version of Bruschetta is about the simplest appetizer you can make. I use sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil- use that oil- it’s full of flavor. I mix in sliced cherry tomatoes, but really anything that is in season is fine. Slice your baguette, rub a garlic clove […]

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The Ultimate Old Fashioned

In researching the Old Fashioned, I reached out to my newly minted son-in -law, Michael and of course, Hunky Hubbie- both big fans of Bourbon. They confirmed a truly delicious Old Fashioned (which I have come to learn is very personal) should have a slightly sweet, bourbon forward flavor with […]

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Huckleberry Buttermilk Pancakes

When I have company in town for the summer, I know I am going to serve up something Huckleberry be it a huckleberry martini, huckleberry jam or best of all… huckleberry pancakes. Huckleberries are grown wild only in northern climates. Typically, you can pick them in late July to August […]

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Bourbon -Peach Jam with Thyme

In the summer, when the days are long and lazy and I know I don’t have to cook a big dinner, filling up the day by canning the summer’s freshest fruit is, to me, pure heaven. Homeamde gifts are so appreciated and spending the day making a pantry full of […]

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Philipp’s Excellent Hamburgers

My daughter Kimmons and her good friend, Philipp have become very accomplished home cooks. While we were all together in Montana, they experimented with meringues, sour dough starter, cakes, German meatballs and most recently their version of Gordon Ramsey’s Smoky Pork Sliders. Philipp used ground beef from our local butcher- […]

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Pomegranate Blueberry Champagne Cocktail

It’s been another long week. I don’t know about y’all , but sometimes, I need that Friday cocktail with as little muss and fuss as possible. So here it is it … A Pomegranate Blueberry Champagne Cocktail. Everyone has blueberries coming out of their well, you know. So grab a […]

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Quinoa Chicken Power Bowl

This is one of those fantastic meals that is as healthy for you as it is beautiful to look at. Tons of fiber, protein and vitamins from quinoa, chicken and crisp cabbage, peppers and edamame. Feel free to add in whatever veggies you have on hand. This is very similar […]

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Rustic Peach & Rhubarb Pie

It is pie season. Rhubarb and strawberry seem to be on everyone’s list right now with all the tart rhubarb at the farmer’s markets. I wanted to make something extra special , but strawberries just didn’t seem to fit the bill. Peaches are also in season, so I thought, I’ll […]

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Roasted Salsa Verde

When hunky hubbie says, “This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” I figure he is being his usual sweet self. But when my son-in-law (Yay!-I have a son-in-law now), daughter and hunky hubbie all say something is the best thing they’ve ever tasted, I figure I better share the […]

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Watermelon Fresca with Rum

Looking for something to do with all that leftover watermleon from your recent picnic? I have a fantastic recipe for you. Watermelon Aqua Fresca. It is a Mexican drink combining melon, sugar, lime and water. My version uses strained watermelon juice that I blend in my Ninja blender, a mint […]

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Turkey Meatballs with Sriracha Mayo

There are some dishes that when you discover them, have the tendacy to quickly become overused because they are so incredibly delicious- this is one of those recipes. I have seen turkey meatballs on many other food websites, but decided to add my own take by combining a tangy mayo […]

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German Potato Salad

This yummy potato salad is the perfect side dish for your next picnic or summer dinner. It’s filing without being too heavy. We omit the mayo and instead use a bacon & cider vinegar dressing (with the bacon fat! – sorry Sat Fat numbers) If you do not have apple […]

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Double Chocolate & Walnut Brownies

There is nothing more satisfying, more sweet and more indulgent than a warm brownie full of nuts with a crispy crust and rich gooey chocolate center. Forget those recipes with peanut butter, caramel and other nonsense- just give me the chocolate! And if you must, vanilla ice cream is a […]

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Panko & Herb Crusted Steelhead Trout

Steelhead trout fishing in Montana is pretty much non existent now, so in the winter months anglers head to the cold waters of Idaho and Washington state and fish the Upper Snake and Salmon rivers. The fish is so rare only one fish per day can be kept from the […]

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Mother’s Day Brunch

Okay, It’s been a long quarantine. We’re all getting a little tired of cooking, cleaning, working from a crowded home, Netflix and the whole darn thing. But you know who is really tired- mommy. She is really tired. And I’m going to let you in on a little secret- she […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour- Cucumber Prairie Fizz

Looking for a smashing, refreshing, fizzy crisp cocktail thats not too sweet and not too bitter? Look no further- my darlings- I give you an icy, cucumber infused vodka, lemon simple syrup topped, tonic water- “Prairie Fizz”. I know what you are thinking, “A fizz is typically made with gin.” […]

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Lemon & Olive Oil Tea Cake

This is a simple cake that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes with one bowl- no creaming of butter, no room temp eggs. Just lightly mix the batter for a tender “crumb”. For drama, serve this cake with a brandied whipped cream and honey packed with nuts […]

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Spicy Korean Beef Wraps

Okay- it’s 5:30, you’ve just walked in the door from work and you have to get dinner on the table before the kids go crazy and talk you into ordering pizza. You’ve got a pound of ground beef, some rice and a head of iceberg lettuce and not much else. […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour-Sunset Margarita

It’s Friday. Are you ready for a drink? I know I am. This is a gorgeous cocktail to be made in a large pitcher that when poured properly, creates a sunset like appearance. Start with lots of ice, fresh lime juice, add in a simple syrup, top with tequila, grand […]

Sweet tooth

Triple Chocolate Layer Cake

This is a recipe for chocolate cake with three kinds of chocolate: special dark cocoa powder, regular cocoa powder and semi sweet baking chocolate. Nothing too fancy. Nothing they don’t have at Safeway or Publix. But is it one heck of a great cake. The recipe is based off of […]

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Lentil & Sausage Soup

The Quarantine blues are really hitting everyone this week. We have all made elaborate cakes, pies and sour dough starter. We still have to make dinner, but can’t we just do something simple that will fill us up but not pack on the pounds. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you […]

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Salted Brown Butter Pecan Cookies

Sometimes, it is worth going to the trouble to make a recipe really special. This is one of those times. Browning butter, toasting pecans and adding sea salt flakes are SO important to this recipe. Yes, it takes a little extra time, but hey, who wants to serve a plain […]

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“The Good Stuff” Turkey Chili

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of chili on a frosty day when the weather is terrible and its a blustery 24 degrees outside? Everyone I know pretty much loves chili. It simple to make, gets better after a day or two and is incredibly satisfying. But… it can be […]

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Coconut Milk Chicken with Spinach & Sun Dried Tomatoes

This incredibly easy chicken skillet dinner is made in about 45 minutes, requires chopping only ONE onion, slicing a lime in half and can be made with eye balling ingredients. It is so simple, I promise you, it will quickly become a staple in your week-night family meal repertoire. However, […]

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Almond Keto Pancakes

I have to be honest: this recipe has been challenging. Making a pancake that is low carb, high protein and does not taste like flabby wet paper towels is not easy. I must have thrown out at least four recipes trying to get this right. Coconut flour is terrible- just […]

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Wheat Berry, Kale & Butternut Squash Power Bowl

Less than two weeks left of my January clean eating recipes. I have to admit, I’ve lost a few lbs. Yay! I may just fit into that Mother of the Bride dress after all. Today I have a little something that I worked on last week for you. It is […]

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Ginger Mint Mojito- Zero Carbs

Yes, you read that correctly. A zero carb mojito. Actually, it’s not really too difficult because for starters, rum has no carbs and no sugar and only 96 calories per 1.5 ounces. BTW-I love my job. A traditional mojito will have a simple syrup, mint, limes, some tonic water and […]

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Kimmons’ Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Last August, our youngest daughter, Kimmons came home from Seattle for a little visit. She has become quite the baker- her Christmas wish list was pretty much Williams Sonoma cookware and a stand mixer. We love baking together and thought a carrot cake for Dad would be a special treat. […]

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Spa Dinner: Baked Cod with Steamed Vegetables

I am continuing with my January clean eating month with a simple dinner that can be prepared in a flash. This is one of those, “not really a recipe” recipes. With the holidays behind us and the new year in full swing, there’s nothing I have been dreaming about more […]

Roam to Table

Bright Lights, Emerald City

I love the Pacific Northwest. The salmon filled rivers, the tall timbers, the snow capped mountain ranges, the food, the people. But most of all, I love Seattle. Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong place? I do. All the time. Don’t get me wrong. I […]

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Citrus Salad with Buffalo Burrata, Herbs & Honey

Welcome to the end of week 1 of my Clean Eating month. If the Winter Blues have got you down and you just want carbohydrates and sugar, I have the remedy for your sickness: my bright, vitamin rich- Citrus Salad with Burrata, Honey and Herbs. This is not your typical […]


All about Bubbles- A Conversation with Tim Varan about Champagne

Let me be clear- I love bubbles. Bubble baths. Bubble gum. Bubble tea. But most of all… champagne bubbles. Last December I was invited to a very special champagne tasting at Tim Varan’s wine shop on Orange Ave. Tim invited his clients who he knows have a fondness for bubbles. […]

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Lemon Couscous Salad with Raisins, Roasted Chick Peas and Avocado

Welcome to day 2 of my January Clean Eating month. Today’s post is a salad I am really excited to share with you. Whenever Hunky Hubbie asks me where I want to go for dinner, pretty much my standard answer is, “I just want a big salad.” Well, this is […]

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Healthy Veggie & Bean Soup- Pasta e Fagioli

Happy New Year! How in the world can it be 2020? For my first post of the New Year, I wanted to do something a little healthier to kick off my January Clean Eating Month. Because I believe in baby steps and there is football on today, I offer you […]

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Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Buns

Well, here it is. The end of the calorie splurging season. You have New Year’s Day left to induldge before the New Year’s Resolutions begin. So, for my last post of the year, I’ve decide to go big. Well, actually, not so big- a slightly reduced calorie breakfast treat. These […]

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Ropa Vieja Revisited

In the early years of my marriage, every month I looked forward to one thing more than just about anything else: my monthly subscription to Southern Living Magazine. It does seem completely foreign that to have inspiration for new recipes, we had to wait each month for these culinary and […]

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Pannetone Bread Pudding with Vanilla Bourbon Sauce

This is yet another one of my “I’ve been making this dish forever” recipes. But this time I am tweaking this bread pudding with sweet pannetore instead of regular Italian bread. I used to make this dish for neighborhood potlucks because it travels very well. I also love to make […]

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Marci’s London Broil

Remember the 70’s? Okay, I am certainly dating myself. But in the 70’s we ate a lot of beef. A lot. One dish my family used to eat all the time was my mom’s London Broil. It is the strangest concoction of ingredients, but I’m here to tell you- it […]

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Decorating for Christmas- Montana Style

This year, we will be in Winter Park, Florida for Christmas. I’m a little sad I will not be in Montana among the forests, frozen lakes and beautiful snowy mountains. Hunky Hubbie and I recently purchased our “downsizing dream home” and we wanted to show our children the new home […]

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Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake

I did not have any plans to make a peppermint cheesecake this season until I recently saw one on an Instagram. I thought, “That thing is a hot mess! How does this girl have over 20,000 followers?” Aside from my mean girl jabs, I did think the cheesecake had way […]

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Pure Comfort Chicken Casserole

About a month or so ago, the wonderful woman who owns the best orchid and gift shop in Winter Park, Ginny’s Orchids, reached out to me to develop a chicken casserole. I loved the challenge. I have not made a casserole in years and thought this would be the perfect […]

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Gingerbread Soufflé- (or one of the best desserts I’ve ever made.)

Okay campers -I have worked on this recipe harder than anything I have posted so far. Multiple attempts- First attempt was the original recipe that lacked a really “spicy” flavor, next attempt failed because I had to run to the hospital for a family member having emergency bypass surgery. Final […]

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Upside Down Puff Pastry Veggie Pizza

I am always looking for ways to incorporate more vegetables into our diet. While we know it is so important to eat healthier, translating that into a weeknight meal that is still satisfying can be a chore. One chef that inspires me to cook healthier is Jamie Oliver. His enthusiasm […]

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Roasted Tomato Soup

There is nothing as quintessentially cozy as a cup of rich & creamy tomato soup- especially a bowl that is homemade. Tomato soup is a perfect meal to curl up with on a frosty night. Add a toasted cheese sandwich made with crusty sour dough bread and you have a […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour : Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosas

Happy Friday everyone. This week for Friday Cocktail Hour, I am back at the Winter Park Distilling Company. While they do not sell Champagne, the background of sweet bourbon aging in barrels made for a perfect and inspiring backdrop for mixing cocktails. I have been tasting & testing Autumnal recipes […]

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Caramel Apple Mule- Winter Park Distilling Company Genius Drive Vodka

Happy Friday everyone. This week, I took a little field trip to the Winter Park Distilling Company- Home of The Bear and Peacock Brewing Company in Winter Park. The Distillery offers several fantastic spirts including Genius Drive Vodka which I am using today for a caramel & cider infused “Moscow […]

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Mangrove Snapper with Pineapple-Mango Salsa

One of the best things about living in Florida and Montana is the fishing. It seems no matter where I am, I have the luxury of fresh fish be it hearty Cobia, Grouper or Snapper form the Florida Gulf Coast or rich buttery Salmon or Trout from the rivers and […]

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Velveting Chicken-Cashew Chicken with Sweet Ginger Sauce

When Hunky Hubbie and I are feeling a bit lazy, our go to for take out, like most folks, is Asian Cuisine- Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese. We love the sauces, the veggies and the incredibly tender chicken. But whenever I tried to replicate a healthier version at home, my chicken […]

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Nutty Granola- with a low carb/ sugar free option

Today is Self Care Sunday. Each Sunday I’ll be posting a recipe that is healthy and reminds us during the holidays to slow down and take care of ourselves. Today was a beautiful day in Winter Park and my golden retreiver and I had a fantastic 3 mile walk followed […]

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Countdown to Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. It”s finally here- November. And that means three things: Family, football and food. I have hosted more Thanksgivings that I can recall at this point. The Thanksgivings that are the most memorable are when I ask everyone to pitch in. Don’t be a martyr and try to […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour – Frozen Brandy Alexander

I began drinking Brandy Alexander’s back in the days when we belonged to our local Country Club. Brandy Alexander’s were the perfect frosty boozy drink to enjoy after a big Sunday Supper at The Club and no one really wanted to go home and think about Monday. You could linger […]

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Baked Goat Cheese with Peppers-

First of all, apologies to my sister, Ashley, who despises peppers, but for this show stopper appetizer to serve at the holidays- peppers are a must. I first came across this recipe over 10 years ago when I began hosting little cocktail parties for the Winter Park Crew moms each […]

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Friday Cocktail Hour: Beachside Blackberry Crush

Happy Friday everyone. The weekend is almost here! Today I have a crisp, cool cocktail with Blackberry, lime and vodka. Since it is still so hot in Florida, I am not making mulled wine, boozy coffee or other fall drinks yet. Please Fall! We need you! Hunky Hubby and I […]

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The Dowager’s Restorative Broth aka Chicken Noodle Soup

Two exciting things happened in my life last week: I received my Flu vaccination and The Downton Abbey Movie was released. I know- pretty thrilling. But in all seriousness, The Dowager Empress once remarked, “Every good maid needs to know how to make a restorative broth.” Now, granted, I do […]

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Cast Iron Roasted Chicken with Onions

I really should post this recipe on a Sunday because roasted chicken just seems like a Sunday dinner entree. But this chicken is so simple, you can serve it on a weeknight. Don’t we all need a catalog of simple weeknight dinners these days? You will need a heavy cast […]

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans

When did cookies become so complicated? What is the deal with cookies lately? How many times have you read a recipe or seen a cooking show where the chef talks about “smoky toffee notes” or ” butterscotch caramel undertones.” Why did we complicate the simple chocolate chip cookie? Where did […]

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Buddha Bowls or How to trick your kids into to eating healthy

Are you eating Buddha Bowls? You should be. It is an ingenious way to get a healthy dinner into your family . I mean, the kids will be thinking, “how healthy can a bowl full of stuff be? There’s sauce. And a bowl. And chicken and green things . This […]

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Thai Chicken with Soba Noodles & Peanut Sauce

Thai chicken with Soba noodles and peanut sauce should be your go to cold supper dish for the weekend when you have time to enjoy chopping beautiful veggies from the local market and marinating chicken, shrimp or even beef. This is Hunky Hubbie’s favorite dinner right now- he loves peanut […]

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Not your Grandma’s Oatmeal

I absolutely love my local Açaí -Oatmeal bowl shop here in Winter Park, but I don’t love paying $12.00 for a bowl of oatmeal when the same thing at home would only cost about $3.00. And don’t get me started on trying to find a parking spot. We are all […]

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Smokey Tropical Tinga Tacos

Taco Tuesday should NEVER be about opening up a packet of “flavorings”, dumping in water and ground beef. There are so many simple ways to up your taco game- even on a week night. I am a huge fan of pantry & fridge staples and this recipe is chock full […]

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Florida Pamplemousse Martini

Happy Friday everyone. For this weekend’s Friday Cocktail, I am choosing a refreshing and fun martini. My friend, Tim Varan at Tim’s Wine Market, turned me on to Pamplemousse liqueur a few years ago. Being a native Floridian, the idea of a preppy pink grapefruit martini is pure heaven in […]

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Big Sky Breakfast Granola- Updated

In Montana, we need a hearty stick-to-your-ribs breakfast. Big Sky Breakfast Granola fits the bill.