My Top 15 recipes using Vanilla Bean Paste

My Top 15 recipes using Vanilla Bean Paste

Butter, flour, lemon nd vanilla paste

I hope you will enjoy these recipes and give my line of products a try. See how to order below.

I make a line of vanilla bean products: vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste, vanilla sugar and vanilla maple syrup. I work with vanilla everyday a sourcing the best fair trade organic beans from across the globe.

Here is a collection of my top 15 recipes using vanilla and vanilla bean products.

  • Large 6oz jars for local pastry chefs
  • A plate filled with vanilla bean pods
    Plumb oily vanilla beans from Madagascar

My Top 15 Favorite Vanilla Bean Paste Recipes:

  • a plum galette with creamy topping on a plate
    A flakey crust packed with fat plumbs and a serving of vanilla bean mascarpone
  • a glass cake stand with a coffee cake and a cup of coffee
  • a plate of chocolate chip cookies
    Packed with high quality chocolate, vanilla bean paste and nuts- this cookie is divine
  • A pile of oatmeal cookies with a glass of milk and autumn leaves
    The best cookie for fall baking

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a glass cake stand with a coffee cake and a cup of coffee

More top Vanilla Bean Paste recipes:

Our vanilla products are even more special. I joined a Vanilla Bean co-op and we source fair trade beans from Madagascar, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti. Local Montana spirits extract the smokey flavors or sun drying the beans in the bright Big Sky creates our exceptional Vanilla Bean Sugar.

  • A blue plate with French toast and berries
    this mouth watering French toast is the perfect fall or winter breakfast
  • A loaf of warm banana bread
    After baking more than a dozen loaves- this is the BEST banana bread recipe I’ve ever made
  • A white dish filled with banana pudding and whipped cream
    From Scratch Southern Banana Pudding

Even More Vanilla Bean paste Recipes Below:

  • A blue plate filled with nutty monkey squares
    Walnut Monkey Bars
  • buckwheat pancakes and butter on a floral plate
    these protein packed pancakes are as good fro you as they are delicious
  • a clear glass bottle with blue script filled with thick almond milk
    Almond milk is so easy to make at home

How do I order Pine & Palm Vanilla and Vinegar Products?

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4 oz Vanilla Bean Sugar- $5.99

8oz Vanilla Bean Sugar $9.99

2 oz Vanilla Bean Paste- $14.99

2oz Vanilla Extract- $14.99

4oz Vanilla Extract- $24.99

A collection of vanilla bean products like extract, paste and sugar

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