Guava Grapefruit Cocktail

Even though it is mid September here in Florida, it is still HOT. I mean 90 degrees hot. I heard a woman the other day saying she felt a little cool down and I thought to myself, “She must only fo out at 4:00 in the morning.”

Well, here is a little weekend cocktail to get you through the last month of the Florida heat that is sure to cool you down and spice up your weekend. It is a refreshing cooler of fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice and guava nectar.

Guava is a small tropical fruit that is big here in the latin communities of Florida. It is small, with a green skin and brilliant pink inside. You can find guava pastries in almost every Cuban sandwich shop in Orlando. Guava nectar, guava paste and jam is usually found in the hispanic section of your grocery store.

Pair this sweet nectar with tangy grapefruit, sharp lime and lots of ice for a fantastic cocktail this weekend.


Rum and Cointreau for the win.

Guava Grapefruit Cocktail Ingredients

  • 8 oz guava nectar

  • 1/2 cup ruby red grapefruit juice

  • juice of 2 limes

  • 1/2 oz Cointreau

  • 1 oz white rum ( or Vodka if you prefer)

  • ice

  • mint and pineapple wedges frogarnish

My first attempt I used pineapple juice and vodka- it was good, but very sweet.

Directions- method makes 1 cocktail

  • In a cocktail shaker combine ice, guava, grapefruit and lime juice, Cointreau and rum. Shake vigurously until well chilled.
  • Strain and pour over a double old fashioned or chilled martini glass filled with ice.
    Garnish with mint and wednges of rum soaked pineapple wedges.
Lots of lime juice is the secret.

If you do not have guava nectar in your local grocery store, buy it here.

My favorite Cuban restaurants in Florida :

La Teresita- Tampa– Family run restaurant – try the black bean soup, yuca and Ropa Vieja

Black Bean Deli– WInter Park- Fantastic pressed Cuban sandwichs and chicken and yellow rice. Cafe con Leche is a great way to start the day and I order it here once a week.

The Columbia, Tampa– The oldest restaurant in the state of Florida. A must do when in Tampa. The 1905 salad is worth the hype.

La Sungunda Bakery– the line stretches out the door each day for a reason. The pastries and cuban bread are a must try. They make 18,000 loaves of Cuban bread each DAY. They know how to make great bread.

Versailles- Miami- One of the oldest Cuban restaranust in the country. You can feed a crowd here and the prices wont break the bank. The bakery next door is where you can pick up some sweet treats as well. One of my favorite meals ever. Fun and filled with families.

Old Cuban Cafe– Get the Grandmother’s rice and the roasted pork sandwich. So good. Don’t let the strip mall location fool you, great food is inside.

These are just my favorites. Share your favorite spots in the comments below.

Cheers to the weekend.

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  1. Yum & so refreshing sounding – can’t wait to try it!