Friday Cocktail Hour: The Elegant Kir Royale

Valentine’s Day needs that extra glamourous cocktail for your sweetie. There is no cocktail more sophisticated than a Kir Royale. My husband’s fabulous Aunt Madge, turned me onto champagne cocktails when I was a young bride many, many moons ago. Every young woman needs a fabulous Aunt Madge in her life.

Take a frozen blackberry, pop it into a champagne flute, pour over an ounce of Créme de Casis or Chambord and top with champagne. It’s elegant and oh so tasty.

This is the perfect cocktail for when your champagne is a day or two old and it needs a little something to “lift” it’s flavor. Not that champagne stays in my fridge for more than one day. It takes about 1 minute to make this classic cocktail. If your blackebrries are not frozen- no worries. Fresh is just as fabulous. I just love the extra chill the frozen fruit adds to this cocktail.


The Classic Kir Royale

  • frozen blackberries or raspberries

  • 1 oz Créme de Casis ( blackcurrent liqueur) or Chambord ( Raspberry liqueur)

  • Chilled Champagne

These lovely champagnes flutes are by St. Louis.


  • In a tall champagne flute, add the frozen blackberry. Pour over 1 oz of liqueur of choice. Top with champange. Cheers!
  • For an extra bit of punch, first soak your berries in the liqueur, freeze for 30 minutes and then use them in the cocktail.

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