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Forbidden Rice & Vegetable Bowl

Exotic spices from Northern Africa and the Middle East such as Tunisian & Rosey Harissa, Smoked Paprika and Turmeric create bold flavor in this beautiful bowl of black rice, golden raisins, beets, cauliflower, carrots, pomegranates and pistachios. These spice blends are readily available in most grocery stores such as Trader […]

Golden Tumeric Chicken

I recently realized that Hunky Hubbie and I have pretty much eliminated starch and bread from our nightly dinner- and without even trying. Focusing on my January Clean Eating Recipes, I wanted to share a dish that is so simple and yet incredibly healthy and has no rice on the […]

Raspberry & Oat Scottish Cranachan

This is not really an ideal dessert for January Clean eating. It is a wonderful recipe for the warmer months when berries are in season. And it is especially warm right now in Florida. This would be a delicious dessert for Valentine’s or any dinner party when you want something […]

Friday Cocktail Hour: Homemade Irish Cream

This is a fantastic homemade cocktail mix that takes only minutes to whip up. You barely need a recipe. Just combine a can of sweetened condensed milk, cream or half and half, a bit of espresso powder, chocolate syrup, vanilla and Irish whiskey in your stand mixer, mix on low […]

Friday Cocktail Hour- Jammy Cranberry Moscow Mule

This is a refreshing cocktail to enjoy during cranberry season. It is very drinkable- almost dangerously so. Perfect for an Aprés Ski libation or just to warm things up for the weekend. Begin by making a quick cranberry jam- just cook down water, sugar, mint and cranberries . Keep it […]