5 Make Ahead Side Dishes to Serve for Easter Brunch

Here are 5 Show Stopper Side Dishes you can make or assemble before your Easter Brunch. Most of these recipes just require a sharp knife for success. Blueberry Broccoli Salad, Carrot & Herb Salad, Pineapple au Gratin, Fresh Berry Salad and Pomme Dauphinoise (scalloped potatoes) will be the hit of your Springtime gathering.

Broccoli salad is always best the day after you make it

This Blueberry Broccoli Salad with Honey Yogurt Dressing can be made a day ahead and actually tastes better on day 2. Follow my recipe HERE for this incredible bright and healthy salad. Just toss the walnuts in right before serving.

Green Beans Gremolata is a gorgeous side.

Pine nuts, fresh herbs and a mountain of fresh parmesan make this updated dish so delicious. These crunchy green beans are much more interesting than the soggy green bean casserole every Gen X’er grew up eating each holiday. HERE’s the recipe.

Speaking of classic side dishes, I’m one Gen X’er that LOVES Pineapple Au Gratin.

I make no apologies. It’s delicious. It’s easy.

It goes perfectly with lamb, ham, pork- all the Easter main dishes you love.

HERE’s the recipe.

crunchy carrot salad

What could be more springtime than carrots? Not just any carrots, but a beautiful bowl of RAINBOW CARROT & HERB SALAD with a HONEY-CUMIN Vinaigrette. It’s an updated take on a classic Easter side dish. Crazy healthy- super easy. Click HERE for the recipe.

For the guest who does not cook- have them pick up a honey baked ham, wine or lovely bottles of sparkling water. If your guest is fairly handy in the kitchen but too busy to cook, have them bring a lovely bowl of berries- sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberries. Top with a few sprigs of mint– perfection.

It looks elegant and goes with everything on your spring menu.

A best of all- NO recipe- just slice and serve.

The Grand Dame of Easter side dishes- Pomme Dauphinoise– or scalloped potatoes. These silky creamy potatoes may just steal the show this Spring. Click HERE for this elegant side dish- and be prepared to make two- everyone will want a second helping.

Entertaining a large crowd does not have to be overwhelming if you have a plan. Ask your guests to pitch in. Consider sending them one of these recipes for a side dish to bring. I think guests appreciate when you make it easy and there’s nothing easier than “Here’s exactly what I want you to bring.”

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