Side show

Green Beans with Herbs & Pine Nuts- Gremolata

Let’s face it- green beans are a bore. This dish elevates the humble green beans into something rather extraordinary. I’ve updated the classic Gremolata recipe in Italian cooking and given it a modern nod by adding a bit of red pepper flakes and extra herbs. Blanch the beans in boiling, […]

Carrot & Herb Salad

This delicious crisp vegetable dish is one of those sweet and sour salads that I crave all the time. I have a feroious sweet tooth and am always looking for ways to cut back on my sugar intake. A salad like this with sweet organic carrots, shallots softened in a […]

Blueberry Broccoli Salad with Honey Yogurt Dressing

This beautiful broccoli salad bursting with fresh ingredients has been in my repertoire for many years. It is based off a salad I found (I think) from Southern Living years ago. This updated version includes crunchy radishes, toasted walnuts, crisp tender steamed broccoli, sliced dates, dried cherries and plump blueberries. […]

The Basics:How to Make Perfect Rice

White rice- I know. Not very sexy. About as boring as you can get. But no! Rice is not boring. It’s just you’ve proably been cooking it wrong. Rice is a staple of cooking in almost every culture across the globe. In the South, we especially love it with seafood […]

Black Bean Confetti Salad

This is one of those recipes that does not really need a recipe. If you can chop and open a can: you can make this salad. All you need is a sharp knife, some ripe fruit and veggies and a few basic seasonings- basic. Nothing exotic. I buy my mangoes […]