Montana Kitchen

Slow Roasted Pork Enchiladas

I love it when my followers ask me to develop a recipe. This pork enchilada recipe is exactly that- a labor of love for a fellow foodie. This recipe is all about the piquant slow roasted pork. Its so delicious you can stuff it into the tortillas or just serve […]

Roasted Cauliflower Toast

Scrolling through myy DVR a few weeks ago I found an old Barefoot Contessa episode I had never seen. She made a cauliflower toast with gruy√©re and prosciutto that looked incredible but with all the ingredients, probably cost $20 per piece to make. I wanted to remake her toasts, but […]

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Happy Pie Day everyone. I love pie. I have featured a coconut cream, rhubarb- peach, rustic apple and chocolate cream pie and now- I give you Southern Bourbon Pecan Pie. Oh yes, my darlings. Pee-can Pie. Hunky Hubbie and I were on our annual trip across the country from Florida […]

Meaty Bolognese

I have been a fan of Canadian born- Italian Chef, David Rocco for years. His beautifully photographed cooking show- Dolce Vita, filmed in Florence showcases the simplicity of Italian food- Keep it local, keep it fresh, keep it simple. It will always be delicious. This Bolognese sauce is based off […]