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Friday Cocktail Hour:The Classic Mint Julep

The Derby is back- in all it’s springtime glory: the horses, the hats and the juleps. Back in the day, Hunky Hubbie and I threw fantastic Kentucky Derby parties. We served our guests creamy mac and cheese, fried chicken from Queenie Bee’s in Orlando, pimento cheese appetiziers. Try out my […]

The Classic Lime Daiquiri

Papa Hemingway had it right- a perfect lime daiquiri should have little sugar, but taste like the sea and nothing of the rum. He described his preferred concoction as it should “Looks like the sea where the waves fall away from the bow of the ship when she is doing […]

Friday Cocktail Hour: The Classic Cosmopolitan

This simple and very elegant cocktail is the perfect drink to mix up for when you want something a little tart, yet sweet. I love making cosmos with blood orange juice or cranberry. Both work perfectly. Here is my recipe inspired by a cooking session with my very good friend […]

Friday Cocktail Hour-Classic Whiskey Sour

This summery cocktail is bright and lemony and so simple to prepare. Keep that cocktail shaker out for the weekend. You’ll want to make a big batch of these. Use any whiskey, save your good bourbon for another time, fresh lemon juice, a dash of bitters, simple syrup and frothy […]