My 5 favorite recipes for Pie Day

It’s Pie Day 2024- Let’s take a look at my 7 favorite recipes this year.

A pie in a blue pie plate. The pie is topped with lemon slices and whipped cream.

1. Atlantic Beach Pie

With the super simple Saltine cracker crust, this pie takes the cake. A vintage recipe of lemon curd, salty crust and pillowy whipped cream- this is the pie of summer. Click HERE for the recipe.

Chocolate Cream Pie with Baileys whipped cream
Luscious and decadent- chocolate cream pie

2. Chocolate Cream Pie with Bailey’s Whipped Cream

This chocolate cream pie is so simple because the crust is just chocolate wafer cookies, use Oreo’s since Famous Wafer’s are no longer in production, and butter.

So simple. I make a luscious chocolate filling and top the entire thing, once chilled, with mounds of whipped cream spiked with Bailey’s Irish cream. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

Click HERE for the recipe.

a coconut cream pie topped with whipped cream toasted coconut in a blue pie plate

3. Triple Coconut Cream Pie

A new recipe on the blog this year, I make this pie with either a Nilla wafer v cookie crust or a traditional all butter crust. Either way, this coconut packed cream confection is perfect for Eater, Spring or anytime you need. coconut fix. Click HERE for the recipe.

Bourbon Pecan Pie
So sweet- bourbon pecan pie

4. Bourbon Pecan Pie

Based off a family recipe, this pie is not too sweet.

I make another cookie crust using Pecan Sandies. The filling is pretty traditional but I add lots of warm bourbon for that something extra special. Click HERE for the recipe.

Calamondin Pie
For Florida Fans- Calamondin Pie is the ultimate tart treat


For fans of Key Lime pie, try my tart and yet delicately sweet, calamondin pie. I squeeze and seed tiny little bright globes of sweet citrus and then make a simple filling with sweetened condensed milk and top it with toasted coconut.

So good!

Click HERE for the recipe.

Rustic Apple Pie
My rustic apple pie had a flakey no fuss pie crust


Piled mile high with apples, this rustic, no fuss pie is as good as it is EASY!

No fancy lattice work. Serve up this All American pie with vanilla ice cream and a side of happiness.

Click HERE for the recipe.

Peach Rhubarb pie


Picking a favorite pie is kind of like picking a favorite child- you love them all the same. This pie with sweet peaches and bright tart rhubarb really takes the cake. Ha ha!

I use a classic buttery crust with a hint of sophistication by adding European butter, lard and vodka for extra flakiness. Pro- tip- you can use frozen peaches and rhubarb if you can’t wait for summer.


Click HERE for the recipe.

Peach rhubarb pie

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