Money’s Egg Nog

When I was growing up, every Christmas my mother’s family served this boozy, frothy, heavenly milk punch known as “Money’s Egg Nog”.

Money was my great- grandmother, born in Grenada, Mississippi and moved to the west coast of Florida to raise her children with my great- grandfather, J. J. Williams, Jr. the founding member of Williams Parker law firm in Sarasota. Money lived in a beautiful house filled with antiques, grew roses, had an entire “closet” filled with sterling, slept in a massive four poster mahogany bed and, as far I know, never learned to drive. And it’s a good thing, because after a few cups of her egg nog- no one should be on the road.

Money’s egg nog is a very simple punch- store bought egg nog, cold coffee, coffee ice cream, fresh whipped cream and whiskey- lots of it. You could use bourbon, but I think the taste of whiskey helps cut the “sweetness” of the egg nog. You could also add brewed coffee to thin it out, but we drink it thick- almost like a milk shake with dollops of cream and chunks of ice cream floating in this holiday cocktail confection.

Served in a sterling punch bowl, my great grandmother’s egg nog will be the star of any holiday get together.

Money's Egg Nog

  • 1 quart store bought egg nog

  • half a gallon of high quality coffee ice cream

  • 1 pint of heavy cream, whipped

  • 2 cups whiskey- we like Canadian Club

  • 3 cups cold fresh brewed coffee

This stunning silver punch bowl set belonged to my husband’s grandmother .

You don’t need a sterling punch bowl, but the silver does help keep it cold. A cut glass punch bowl would be beautiful to serve this egg nog as well. Keep the cups on the small size- this nog packs a punch. Once the holidays are over and egg nog is no longer available, you can easily substitute cold brewed coffee for a coffee style punch as well.

Canadian Club is a must
This is a 50 year old bottle of Canadian Club a generous neighbor shared with us this Christmas

Method- prep 5 minutes serves 8-10

  • Whip heavy cream until stiff peaks are formed. Set aside. Place large chunks of coffee ice cream into a large punch bowl. Pour 1 quart of egg nog over the ice cream. Fold whipped cream into the egg nog-ice cream mixture. Pour in whiskey to taste starting with 1 cup and add as needed.
  • Punch should be frothy and thick. Serve in punch cups or small coffee cups. Add more cream and ice cream as needed.
  • Note- do not mix ingredients completely together- you want little tastes of cream, ice cream and eggnog throughout the mixture.
Frothy whipped cream is the base of the punch
pillowy cream – yum!
Add in large chunks of coffee ice cream
You want the ice cream really cold- do not let it thaw
Fold in the cream and splashes of egg nog until the mixture is thick and creamy
Stand back kids- mommy is making egg nog!
Add whiskey to taste

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  1. I wrote this recipe when i first married to keep Money – my grandmother and your great-grand.happy. She always pretended she didn’t indulge. We knew better. The Canadian Club was a blend so went nicely with the eggnog richness. I did add one cup of strong black coffee. I also made the Breyer’s coffee ice cream balls several days in advance so they were frozen strongly and didn’t melt as quickly..