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One Skillet Peppers and Sausage

I promised you simple skillet suppers this December so let’s kick off the month with a one pan dish that is ready to serve in 30 minutes. All you need is a sharp knife, peppers, onions, kale, parmesean cheese and a pile of uncooked sausage or keilbasa. I used spicy […]

Simple Chicken Chili

It’s November. All we want is comfort food that is easy to make. But the problem with comfort food is the pounds it can pack on which are not so comforting. This Chicken Chili is so warm and comforting, you’ll swear it’s got to bad for you, but it is […]

Creamy Chicken and Pasta Skillet

This dish is really a miracle in a pan. One pan- no boiling the pasta, just brown the chicken, add in onions and garlic, a few artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and little chicken broth, cream. Add int he uncooked pasta and stir, stir, stir. The friction creates a silky texture […]

Crispy Garlic Honey Chicken

This is one of those, “throw everything from the pantry into a marinade, coat the chicken with egg and panko and bake” dishes. Make a quick sauce while the chicken bakes and pour all over for a delicious spicy, sweet, garlicky fun dinner. Your kids will love these chicken nuggets, […]

Simple Suppers- Turkey & Vegetable Meatloaf

Ah- the humble meatloaf. Forgotten dreaded greasy weeknight supper of suburaban households across the country. Often overcooked and dried out. Smothered with Ketchup. Bland. Fatty. Just no thanks. But wait my darlings, there is a solution to this boring staple from the 70’s- Stuff it with mushrooms, zucinni, onions and […]