Tag: meatless monday

Roasted Tomato Soup

There is nothing more iconic for a warm Fall dinner than a bowl of tomato soup. Who needs a bowl of rich and thick creamy soup to warm their bones? Me! What is more quintessentially cozy as a cup of rich & creamy tomato soup- especially a bowl that is […]

Green Beans with Herbs & Pine Nuts- Gremolata

Let’s face it- green beans are a bore. This dish elevates the humble green beans into something rather extraordinary. I’ve updated the classic Gremolata recipe in Italian cooking and given it a modern nod by adding a bit of red pepper flakes and extra herbs. Blanch the beans in boiling, […]

Kale & Sugar Snap Pea Veggie Skillet

A vegetable side dish for dinner does not have to be a big salad or boring roasted broccoli. We can do better. I love nothing more than to raid my fridge and pantry, find little hidden treasures and cook them up. That’s exactly what this recipe is- stuff I found […]