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Halibut in a Ginger, Lime and Coconut Curry

Recently I stumbled upon an incredible recipe by Patrick Jobon the French chef and owner of the beautiful Villa Deevena in Costa Rica. New York Times food writer, John Willoughby adapted the recipe and I’ve put own twist on it. While I am happily ensconced in Montana right now, I […]

Vegan BBQ Sloppy Joe’s –

I know what you’re thinking- Vegan Sloppy Joe’s- NO thank you. Stay with me folks… This mouth watering hot vegetable mixture is so packed full of yummy ingredients that you will not believe its not a big BBQ sandwich you’re devouring. Vegan really just means – no animal products. Nothing […]

Tzatiki- The simple sauce that elevates everything

Got a cucumber and some greek yogurt in the fridge? Then you have the base for a creamy, fresh and bright dip/sauce/dressing that elevates every meal. This is THE best recipe for Tzatiki. It is really thick and creamy. Actually, I use Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt– it is really thick and […]

Spa Dinner: Baked Cod with Steamed Vegetables

I am continuing with my January clean eating month with a simple dinner that can be prepared in a flash. This is one of those, “not really a recipe” recipes. With the holidays behind us and the new year in full swing, there’s nothing I have been dreaming about more […]