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Guava Grapefruit Cocktail

Even though it is mid September here in Florida, it is still HOT. I mean 90 degrees hot. I heard a woman the other day saying she felt a little cool down and I thought to myself, “She must only fo out at 4:00 in the morning.” Well, here is […]

The Classic Lime Daiquiri

Papa Hemingway had it right- a perfect lime daiquiri should have little sugar, but taste like the sea and nothing of the rum. He described his preferred concoction as it should “Looks like the sea where the waves fall away from the bow of the ship when she is doing […]

Florida Grapefruit & Cointreau Golden Cake

I’ll be the first to admit, this cake made me crazy. I was inspired to make it when my Insta friend across the globe, Roohi, received a bottle of Cointreau and asked me for some ideas. I recalled one of my all time favorite cookbooks by Camille Glenn: The Heritage […]

Key Lime Tiramisu

Key Lime Pie is easily my favorite dessert. I will pass on chocolate anyday over Key Lime. My native Florida roots are showing. For this recipe, I wanted several things- a no bake/ make ahead dessert, key limes, but light, tart, sour and sweet. Yikes! That’s a big bill to […]

Citrus Salad with Buffalo Burrata, Herbs & Honey

Welcome to Throwback Thursday of my Clean Eating month. If the Winter Blues have got you down and you just want carbohydrates and sugar, I have the remedy for your sickness: my bright, vitamin rich- Citrus Salad with Burrata, Honey and Herbs. This is not your typical ambrosia with hours […]