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Masala Chai Latte

Spiced chai has become my warm beverage of choice these days. Ever since I’ve returned from Montana, I have yet to find a coffee house that makes a really good chai that is robust and filled with warm spices. Many local shop use a boxed chai mix that is loaded […]

Boozy Celtic Coffee

Hunky Hubbie and I LOVE Bailey’s on ice after dinner. It is my favorite dessert. I rather have a dram of Bailey’s than almost any dessert other than Key Lime Pie. This summer I wanted to create a little after dinner dessert cocktail that had a touch of coffee, a […]

Bulletproof Coffee

Yes- you read that correctly-Bulletproof Coffee. It is filing, caffeinated and KETO. It revs your motor in the morning and keeps you feeling full until well past lunch. Some advocates swear it helps with brain function, but I’ll just say it gets me going, leaves me feeling very satisfied which […]

Friday Cocktail Hour – Frozen Brandy Alexander

I began drinking Brandy Alexander’s back in the days when we belonged to our local Country Club. Brandy Alexander’s were the perfect frosty boozy drink to enjoy after a big Sunday Supper at The Club and no one really wanted to go home and think about Monday. You could linger […]