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Chopped Quinoa & Salmon Salad

This recipe was inspired by an Instagram post by Ereka Vetrini, a TV Host and healthy lifestyle cook, that creates the most incredible but simple recipes. Everything she makes looks divinely decadant while being very healthy. The recipe is based on a TikTok rice and salmon bowl trend but Ereka […]

Crispy Garlic Honey Chicken

This is one of those, “throw everything from the pantry into a marinade, coat the chicken with egg and panko and bake” dishes. Make a quick sauce while the chicken bakes and pour all over for a delicious spicy, sweet, garlicky fun dinner. Your kids will love these chicken nuggets, […]

Simple Apple Cake

Be prepared for a few more apple recipes in the upcoming weeks. I picked up the apples for this recipe from a gentlemen who cultivates heirloom apple varieties at his farm in Whitefish, Montana. Two weeks later I went apple picking in Washington State with my daughters in Washington State. […]

Roasted Tomato Soup

There is nothing more iconic for a warm Fall dinner than a bowl of tomato soup. Who needs a bowl of rich and thick creamy soup to warm their bones? Me! What is more quintessentially cozy as a cup of rich & creamy tomato soup- especially a bowl that is […]

Guava Grapefruit Cocktail

Even though it is mid September here in Florida, it is still HOT. I mean 90 degrees hot. I heard a woman the other day saying she felt a little cool down and I thought to myself, “She must only fo out at 4:00 in the morning.” Well, here is […]