Author: Meggen Wilson

Simple Suppers- Turkey & Vegetable Meatloaf

Ah- the humble meatloaf. Forgotten dreaded greasy weeknight supper of suburaban households across the country. Often overcooked and dried out. Smothered with Ketchup. Bland. Fatty. Just no thanks. But wait my darlings, there is a solution to this boring staple from the 70’s- Stuff it with mushrooms, zucinni, onions and […]

Simple Apple Cake

Be prepared for a few more apple recipes in the upcoming weeks. I picked up the apples for this recipe from a gentlemen who cultivates heirloom apple varieties at his farm in Whitefish, Montana. Two weeks later I went apple picking in Washington State with my daughters in Washington State. […]

Roasted Tomato Soup

There is nothing more iconic for a warm Fall dinner than a bowl of tomato soup. Who needs a bowl of rich and thick creamy soup to warm their bones? Me! What is more quintessentially cozy as a cup of rich & creamy tomato soup- especially a bowl that is […]

Forest Foraged: Wild Mushroom & Rice Soup

I was inspired to create this recipe when my good friend, Donna told me about SunHands farm and their beautiful mushrooms. Local and fresh produce always provides me with the best inspiration and this was no exception. I had freshly delivered carrots and onions from my local CSA, Two Bear […]

Guava Grapefruit Cocktail

Even though it is mid September here in Florida, it is still HOT. I mean 90 degrees hot. I heard a woman the other day saying she felt a little cool down and I thought to myself, “She must only fo out at 4:00 in the morning.” Well, here is […]